~Fashion forward with styles from yesteryear~

~Fashion forward with styles from yesteryear~

It is fun sometimes to look back at old pics of high school /college and laugh about the fun we had and the ridiculous clothes we wore . Did we EVER think those styles would come back to the rack to haunt us? Did we think we would walk into our favorite store and be stared in the face with trends that have been tweaked just ever so slightly to make them “new”? Well friends, have you ever heard the saying, “there is nothing new under the sun”? In fashion, that is SO very true! There’s not much “new” in fashion, it’s “reinvention”. Same staples different deliverance.  The denim shirt is just that! It is a reinvention of an old trend, (however, not that old) which is why I think it’s so hard to love.
So the question is, “How do you properly wear this “new” trend”?
Simple, you just do it! You will hear that a lot from me.
The key:  the “wash” and the “fit”.
Leave the box cuts in the 90’s and go for a more tailored cut. Look for something with a few darts in the front and/or back and one with a bit of personality. In the 90’s, they all looked nearly the same. Same wash, same cut, same shirt. This year, mix it up! Distressed is a great way to go if you want to try out the “new” look. There are SO many options. One cute thing is the bleached polka dot denim (a personal fave). And of course, going a bit western is an adorable way to “pull off” the new/old look! Look at the buttons, stitching, and seams. Look for the details that set the shirt apart. The beauty is in the details. Most importantly, it must fit YOU, your body, and your personal style!

~What to wear it WITH you ask? Honestly, Just. About. Anything. The only thing to avoid completely (in my opinion only) is the exact same wash on top and bottom. You can certainly wear denim on denim, or “D on D” as they say. Just wear different colors or washes of denim. It works very well to pair it with colored skinnies, black jeans, leggings, or for a dressier look-sequins! One of my favorites is denim with a printed bottom! Pick a fun floral pant, in your favorite spring colors and pair with your denim top! One little tip to wearing denim is to have a POP of color (if you are not into floral hot shot pants). Layer a bright tank underneath, a chunky necklace, big earrings, printed belt, or even just a great handbag. Accessories are the key to making new trends “work” or feel comfortable for you. Pick one of your favorite oldies (like your fave T, your lovely red flats, your leopard print scarf) and put it with the new denim and make it feel like home!

Blogs to come:

How to access great accessories and not break the bank

Conceal and Carry: How to carry you with grace


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Hello~ My name is Amanda and I am in love with living life to the full but also realistic in ways that that can take work. I want to use my life to encourage those around me. I have many loves, my hubby, my daughters, fashion, life groups, singing, crafts and creating!! I really just want my life to be about loving people and that has many different venues. I pray that my short blog thoughts help you understand little by little, more and more about who Jesus is. Bless you!

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